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What is the Social Purchasing Portal (SPP)?

The SPP is an online directory and network highlighting businesses, co-ops and social enterprises committed to local Community Economic Development (CED) in Winnipeg. The project’s partners promote business and purchasing which benefits the community, the local economy and the environment, including hiring people who face barriers to employment.

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Each of the icons on the left lead to pages which can help you learn about the SPP, how to become a partner, and how to shop using the SPP Business Directory.


News and Events

Thursday, February 26th 2015


While searching for volunteer opportunities this past year, I came across the Social Purchasing Portal (SPP). At that time, I was also enrolled in a non-profit management course...

Wednesday, October 8th 2014

Our SPP Supplier-CreeAtions has a new location!

586 Main Street, is home for the new CreeAtions Store, featuring beautiful First Nation's Art, Traditional...

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