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Who is a Supplier?

A supplier partner is a small locally-owned Winnipeg business which commits to particular criteria in order to be listed on the SPP Business Directory.

A business must fall into one of two streams: ‘Employment’ or ‘Social Purpose’
Each stream illustrates the supplier’s dedicated effort to support community economic development (CED) in Winnipeg, with the main difference being the capacity of the business to provide continuous employment possibilities. It is possible to be listed under both 'Employment' and 'Social Purpose' at the same time.
Employment Stream:
These partners make a commitment to look at résumés from employment agency clients who deal with various barriers to finding and maintaining employment.     
Social Purpose Stream: 
This type of partner may be unable to offer job openings consistently, due to the size and structure of their business. However, they have the chance to show support of CED in Winnipeg through an active demonstration of the Neechi Principles within their business practices.

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What are the benefits?

Supplier partners have the chance to connect to new corporate, non-profit, and individual purchasers who are looking to add social value to the quality of their regular buying habits.
Increased demand for goods and services = a growing and sustainable business
                                                                    = opportunities for job-seekers

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