Blending business and social value in purchasing.
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Who is a Purchaser ?
  • A corporate or non-profit purchaser partner who makes a commitment to buy goods and services on a regular basis from SPP suppliers. The purchaser recognizes the agreement to offer consistent feedback on purchasing goals, and preferences for future goods & services needs.
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What are the Benefits?

The SPP website advertises each purchaser by clearly posting their logo, and by profiling partners on the site and in the SPP newsletter. This advertising demonstrates a value-filled commitment on the part of the purchaser, and serves as a transparent dedication. This commitment is visible to other businesses and organizations and most importantly, it is a clear demonstration to the general public.

The Social Purchasing Portal offers businesses an easy way to add social value to their purchasing practices. In addition to getting price, quality and service when buying goods and services, the SPP list of suppliers gives you the opportunity to contribute directly to your community. Ordinary business purchases offer an opportunity to practice corporate social responsibility every day.

The suppliers have signed an agreement to give those who have had difficulty getting jobs a second chance at success. Every order helps improve their business, creates a demand for more staff, and consequently opens up job opportunities.

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