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Neechi Foods Co-op Ltd.


Retail food store offering grocery, deli, bakery, catering, lunch delivery service, bulk and frozen foods as well as Aboriginal specialty products and crafts. Incorporated as a worker cooperative in 1987.
In addition to their Dufferin Community Store, Neechi Foods has a new store Neechi Commons(865 Main Street).
Neechi Commons includes a neighbourhood supermarket, produce courtyard, cafeteria restaurant, bakery, fish market, speciality foods kiosks, Aboriginal books, arts, crafts and music, a seasonal farmers market, hardware and dry goods.
Don't miss out the opportunity to shop and enjoy the different treasures this new vibrant space has to offer!
Hours of Operation:
Grocery+Meats+Fruits and Vegetables+Bakery: Mon-Sat  9AM to 8PM  Sun 10AM to 5PM
Restaurant: Mon-Sat 7:30AM to 6PM, Sun 10AM to 5PM (Sunday Brunch 10AM to 2PM)
Download their catering menu by clicking here!
Art Store and Gallery: Mon-Sat 10:30AM to 6PM, Sun 10:30AM to 5PM

Product or Service
Restaurants, Catering & Food

Number of Employees
20 to 25


Email Address

865 Main Street
Winnipeg, MB
R2W 3N9

North End

(204) 949-1338

(204) 589-4862

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